Licensed Cosmetologist / Educator Since 1987


Martha Diamond P.

Complete Hair MakeOvers

Experience Your Hair Transformation!

Go From Just Regular To Extraordinary.

You were fearfully and wonderfully created. That means that you were never meant to blend with crowds. Everything about you is beautiful and unique…So why not let your hair speak the same?

I offer customized hairstyles, haircuts, extensions, and treatments that are specifically designed to fit your face, hair type, needs and lifestyle. Experience your own unique look, head-turning hairstyle, or luxurious hair color that no one else will have. Book Today to let your light shine!

Peaceful Private Studio Setting

Getting your hair done should never ever feel stressful. Every visit to my private studio is guaranteed to be relaxing with no worries about who will see you in the middle of a bad hair day. All appointments are booked in a timely manner so that you will never experience crowds or long waiting times.

Proverbs 31

Meet Martha Diamond P.


Martha’s God-given gift, beauty knowledge and techniques will literally transform your hair by improving its texture, body, strength and shine. Experience gorgeous hairstyles and highly effective treatments that are guaranteed to have your friends and family continuously raving about… BOOK NOW.

More About Martha

Schedule Your Private Styling Session.

Now accepting new clients…
  • High Fashion Hair Artistry
  • Alopecia MakeOvers
  • Flawless Sew-ins
  • Undetectable Hair Extensions (+Micro-Links)
  • Diamond Haircuts & Styles
  • Anti-Hair Breakage
  • Scalp Treatments 
  • Bridal Styling & Up Do’s
  • Airbrush Make-Up
  • Glueless Wig Installs

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